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Telly's Place

20795 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236
(313) 881-3985

Telly's Place gets a whole lot of love from clients on the town in the Grosse Pointe area because it's such a nice place to have a drink and watch the game. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right upscale sports bar for your fun times with friends, and especially to find one that's just right to match up with party bus travel. Telly's Place fits the bill just perfectly. The greatest times to visit are on the weekend and we would especially recommend visiting when there's live music to enjoy or when happy hour prices are going on! It's nice and dim here so you can just chill out and feel like you're taking a break from the crazy world outside. Love it.


20745 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236
(313) 882-1600

When an Italian restaurant and bar is what you're seeking in the Grosse Pointe area, Felito's Family Dining & Pizza Parlor is a must. Nothing is over the top here, rather it's just simple and comfortable, from the ambiance to the food itself. They've got a nice fresh salad bar where you can load up on yummy veggies and salad fixings, and you will be able to order the most delicious deep dish pizza that you could ever taste. Forget about the chain deep dish pizza restaurants... this is the real deal! Everything seems to be completely fresh and homemade here, and that's refreshing to find nowadays. One of our very highest recommendations!

Excalibur Park

15007 Charlevoix St
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
(313) 331-9385

Excalibur Park is one of the coolest restaurants and sports bars in the Grosse Pointe area! MVP Limo customers just cannot get enough of this one. They've got basketball and even an outdoor pool table here, and how perfect is that? Definitely hard to find elsewhere. Drinks here aren't considered cheap, but they're perfectly made, and well worth it. Indoors you'll love the juke box and outdoors you'll feel like you're in heaven with everything that they have to offer out there. Note that this is a cash-only establishment, so you'll want to make a quick ATM stop on the way there. Definitely one of our highest recommendations fro Grosse Pointe!


17051 Kercheval
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
(313) 343-8800

If a gorgeous French restaurant is one of your weaknesses, we recommend that you give Marais your attention while picking a destination with MVP Limo. Pricey? Absolutely, but well worth every single dollar. It is a dressy place, so look good and feel like you've escaped that world of endless casual Fridays! They have absolutely fantastic servers here who are really knowledgeable about the drinks and the food menu too, so you can take their recommendations to the bank when helping you to make those perfect pairings. They've also got macarons for sale here too, so be sure to stock up on your way out!

Bucci Ristorante

20217 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236
(313) 882-1044

Another one of MVP Limo's favorite Italian restaurants is Bucci Ristorante, or Ristorante Bucci! This is a beautifully romantic place to spend an evening with that special someone, or just a perfectly elegant place to have a celebration of those bigger moments in life with your party bus crew. Dinner is the prime time to be here and we think you'll especially enjoy diving into what they have to offer at their full bar while you enjoy your entree. Sitting at the bar is really pleasant and we think you'll especially enjoy sitting at the chef's counter and watching them prepare delicious meals right before your eyes! What a treat. You have to see for yourself.