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Polish Village Cafe

2990 Yemans St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 874-5726

Polish Village Cafe is really a prime location in the downtown Hamtramck area, and one of the greatest places you could ever stop in for a homemade Polish meal. Afternoon lunchtime through the evening dinnertime are clearly your optimal time-frame to sit and relax with a hearty meal. There's lots of room here for groups, and the only real downside is that they don't take credit or debit so be sure to make pit stop at the ATM before you come in to dine. They have a full-service bar, so it's an OK trade-off, if you ask us! The Hungarian pancakes need to be experienced here, and we also love the kielbasa and the dill pickle soup!

Kelly's Bar

2403 Holbrook St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 873-9428

Kelly's Bar is a truly historic location in Hamtramck, and you simply will not believe the incredible ambiance that you'll experience while you're there. MVP Limo customers are always requesting this one, probably just as much for the historical significance as for the low prices! They do actually accept credit cards here, which is a huge plus, and the best nights for you to come in and charge that baby up are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The late night hours are when you want to stop by to enjoy the nightlife. Dancing is plenty of fun here and you can even catch the game while you're there!


2934 Yemans St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 873-8432

So many of our friends with Polish ancestry recommend Polonia, both to the MVP Limo staff and to our customers while they're traveling with us in the Hamtramck area! The prices are very low here and they can very easily accommodate even your largest groups. They have a full bar and the best times to come in are the lunch and dinner hours. The dill pickle soup will absolutely tantalize your taste buds, and the potato pancakes are a must-have! The pierogies are unbelievable, so flavorful and never dry at all. And we love the sausage here too! Everything is very highly recommended.

Aladdin Sweets & Cafe

11945 Conant St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 891-8050

Another Indian, Pakistani, and Halal location in the Hamtramck area is Aladdin Sweets & Cafe. This is really a special place for MVP Limo travelers to take care of that mid- party bus trip sweet tooth craving, as well as just to have a full meal of deliciousness. The garlic naan is the perfect starter for any meal, and we'd recommend the palak and saag paneer very highly to anyone, anytime! The aloo motor gobi is another great option. You can pay a bit more to eat on China plates in a more upscale room, and we recommend that for your special celebrations! When the weather's good, dine outdoors!