Our Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing that potential customers calling MVP Limo for the first time tend to ask us a lot of the same questions, we thought we'd save you a bit of time by doing a bit of a Q&A, or a FAQ, if you will, compiling the questions that we receive most often and listing quick and concise answers to them. This will answer a few of your questions ahead of time, and give you a better idea of what it's really like to rent a party bus or limo. Here are some of the questions that we are most often asked by customers calling or emailing MVP Limo for the first time:

What areas can we travel to within the state of Michigan?

You can see the areas that we most often travel to on our service area page, but give us a call or send us an email if you want to travel to a city that's not listed there. We can often travel outside of the areas listed, though cities more than 50 miles outside of our service center may be subject to a reasonable fee. Again, we never charge hidden fees, so that will be discussed clearly up front.

Can I afford to rent a party bus or a limo if I'm on a limited budget?

It seems that just about all of us are on a limited budget nowadays, and that's nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. You can talk to us about your financial concerns, and you can think it over and make up your mind before you sign a contract with us. What we can tell you right now is that our prices are the lowest in the state, and we work hard to keep them that way. If you really need to save money in a big way, you may want to utilize our pickup/dropoff service rather than a full day of travels. More about this topic can be found on our pricing page.

Do you stock your party bus and limo bars with alcohol, or can we bring our own?

It would be wonderful if we could stock our bars with alcohol for you, sort of mini-bar style like the hotels do! But we are not allowed by law to do so. You are more than welcome to stock the bars yourself though, and we provide you with plenty of ice and cups. Please note that just like we're unable to stock the bars, we are also unable to return any alcohol that you left behind after the trip is over, so be sure to take it.

Do you know any companies who specialize in other services?

Yes in fact we do. If you are planning a quinceanera please visit Detroit Quinceanera. If you want to take a pole dancing class check out Detroit Pole Dancing. If you want to tour some of Michigan's craft brewery establishments visit tourmichiganbreweries.com.

What's better for my party, a limousine or a party bus?

This is the kind of question that's better answered by you! In general, we say that if you're going to be doing a good amount of partying in the vehicle, opt for a party bus where there is room to walk around, to serve drinks, and to dance. If your partying will primarily be done at the destination, a limousine will work just fine and may be more elegant for certain events like weddings. It's really up to personal taste! You may want to take a look at our vehicles page to see the different levels of luxury that are available to you.

Of course, those are just the questions that we receive most often, so we probably missed a few that are floating through your mind right now. You can get in touch with us either via phone or via email, and we'll be happy to address any further questions that you have. You're right to think that getting your questions answered is the first step in the planning process for a party like yours, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. You'll be under no obligation, and we won't pressure you to hire us! We're here to serve your needs, always, and we look forward to talking to you about how to put together the very best party bus or limo trip possible.

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