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Our Pricing is the lowest in metro Detroit!

Limousine pricing is often set to mysterious standards and often profit gouging methodology. You won't find that at MVP Limo. We work hard to insure that we're providing you, our customer, with the most competetive pricing that we can provide to Metro Detroit. Customers come to us looking for good memories of their elegant road trip... be it in a limousine or a party bus; and they know that we're going do all we can to give them the very best rate possible. MVP Limo understands that if you're paying an exhorbitant amount for your trip, it's proportionately more difficult to have a good time. High expenses cause doubt, doubt leads to unease, which means you're not having the best time possible. We are not like other companies who seek to gain profit in every way possible. Often with somewhat nefarious pretense. We don't operate that way. A large portion of our business is built on repeat customers. We offer a sensible approach to keep our valued customers coming back: Great service at great prices. It really is a winning combination, and our customers agree:

Steph from Farmington Hills: "We couldn't believe the low rate that we were quoted for our wedding day transportation! My now husband, Mike, insisted that it had to be a mistake, but it wasn't. Not only did MVP Limo provide us with the cleanest and most decked out limousines that we've ever traveled in, but they also gave us the lowest rate of any company in the state. And believe me, we called around! We were pleasantly surprised by the friendly service that we received, and finding out that their 'no hidden fees' policy is absolutely true was very nice too. This is the kind of old fashioned service that my parents say doesn't exist anymore. I'm thrilled to say that it does in MVP Limo!"

We get many emails from clients trumpeting their great experiences with us, but we'll just share one more recent example:

Max from Southgate: "This was my first time renting a party bus, and I went with MVP Limo on the advice of several of my friends from the downriver area who had done business with you in the past. Your party bus was incredible! I couldn't believe how many flat-screen TVs you had crammed into that bus, and the audio system was just incredible. What makes it even more shocking is the price tag. I don't understand how you can provide that level of luxury at that low of a cost. It's phenomenal. I'll be recommending you guys for a very long time to come."

We do wish we were able to publish an accurate price list for all of our vehicles. Unfortunately, due to the very fluid nature of many aspects of our business, we're not able to do that. We constantly have to adjust our pricing to compensate for outside factors which have a determinant effect on what we have to charge. We do this in order to insure you're always getting the best pricing available. We are always happy to give you a price quote though, at any time. Simply give us a call or send us an email! You can find our contact info at the top of every page, and also on our contact page. When you contact us, all we require to provide an accurate price for you is: Where you're to be picked up, how many people will be using our service, and we'll need to know the date you plan on hiring us for. The most asked thing is How much does a party bus cost? and our friends explain it pretty well. Another good sources is Boise Limo Prices.

Be aware too, that there are sometimes package deals for certain events like weddings, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties. If you're calling us regarding one of these events, be sure to let us know and we can check to see if there's a package deal in effect to suit your needs. These package deals are specially priced and include such bonus perks like decorations and "red carpet" service. To get more information about our services for your big day, simply contact us today.

If you'd like to get an exact quote, MVP Limo is just a phone call away!

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